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Quicken Services

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Quicken Set-Up

Controllership Solutions LLC comes to your home and walks you through the start-up process. This ensures that your file is set up properly and accurately. From Day One, you will utilize the full potential of Quicken software.  For those clients beyond the Northern NJ and NYC areas, arrangements can be made to achieve these same results virtually through the internet.

What I’ll Do

I answer your questions and provide personalized training as needed so that you are comfortable with the program, reports, and data.  I have a hands-on approach to instruction and encourage you to learn as we work using live data to gain first-hand experience of the steps involved. Throughout this process, I observe your filing procedures, and work flow processes. I review your chart of accounts, question unusual balances and correct any transactions that may be recorded inaccurately.  

Typically my services are best utilized when I assist you, the person who enters data into Quicken on a routine basis. Any problematic transactions are best discovered and corrected during the routine reconciliation of bank, credit card, loan, fixed asset, mortgage, escrow, brokerage and other third party statements to Quicken. This is my expertise. I help you understand the cost/benefit and value proposition of these features.

Making you feel comfortable and at ease with your finances is my ultimate objective. 

What I’ll do for New Quicken users.

For new Quicken users I will create a Quicken file, reconcile your balance sheet and provide procedure and functionality demonstrations. I will include (at least) all transaction beginning from the 1st of the month.  If needed, I will install the Quicken software on the machines you specify. I will develop beginning account balances from third-party statements you provide. I will optimize Quicken preferences and automatic updates to reflect your utilization requirements. I will enter brokerage, paycheck, loan, and credit-card data from information you provide.  If applicable, I will enter PayPal, alternative investment, bill pay, tag, and other advanced features. I will answer your questions and provide personalized training as needed throughout the session. The objective is an accurate, real-time balance sheet and the foundation of a reconciled and material profit & loss statement. Additionally, you should then have an understanding of the approximate time and effort commitment necessary to properly maintain Quicken.

After this visit, I will have a better understanding of your specific needs and how I may best work together in the future, if necessary. I pride myself on providing clients customized turnkey solutions that are flexible and accommodating. Controllership visits can be scheduled on a regular or as needed basis. 

What I’ll do for existing Quicken users.

For existing Quicken users I will review your balance sheet and income statement, your transactions for the year, and your existing Quicken usage and setup. I will find, troubleshoot, and correct materially inaccurate data and reconcile the balance sheet to third party documents. I will make suggestions for improvement in areas where I see errors and improper use of Quicken. I will also identify areas where you may not be utilizing Quicken software to the fullest. These include customizing reports, changing Quicken preferences, and adding features such as auto update, PIN Vault, Tag tracking, memorized transactions. I will answer your questions and provide personalized training as needed.  The end objective is an accurate, real-time balance sheet and materially accurate profit & loss. Additionally you’ll have an understanding of how to properly maintain Quicken and avoid future mistakes.

For Full Service Personal Accounting clients.

Should you desire a more full-service option, my “Controller for Hire” personal accounting program is designed for higher-net-worth families looking to actively organize, manage and take control of their finances but don’t want the burden of learning a new program, monotonous data entry, and troubleshooting problematic reconciliations.  Also known as Personal Accountants, Daily Money Managers, Personal Financial Assistants, or Financial Organizer, we call it “Controller for Hire” The personal accountant Controller for Hire program allows you to simplify your life by having an expert CPA as your controller with real-time 24-hour access to your accurate data via secure remote servers.

My role as Controller for Hire is similar to that of a family office or a financial planner.  However, my focus is to work with the client’s existing financial and professional relationships and to maintain accurate accounting records so you know where your money is and how it’s doing.  I provide this “high-touch” personalized service to a limited number of clients.

I do not provide tax, investment or legal advice.  I act as our client’s advocates and fiduciaries on a fee for service model with no conflicts of interest.  I assume the role of captain to my clients’ financial team.  I coordinate-not compete with- investment advisors, personal assistants, financial planners, tax accountants, and legal counsel.  

I don’t pick investments: I track them. I don’t do taxes: I organize and provide the tax accountant the information they need. I don’t practice law or set up trusts: I insure compliance by maintaining proper records.

My detailed and exacting bookkeeping monitors financial activity and provides real-time reporting of performance and asset allocations providing my clients a detailed understanding of where their money is and how it’s doing and being spent.

Specifically, after your Quicken file is set up and reconciled it will be moved to a securely hosted server accessible 24x7 by both you and me.  On a weekly basis, I will log in, download and properly code all transactions into your Quicken file. This includes checks, deposits, and other transactions affecting your checking, credit card, and brokerage accounts. It also includes loan payments, rental or alternative asset transactions, and all financial transactions. If I have questions about the nature of a charge or notice anything unusual I will email you.  I will perform bank and credit card reconciliations regularly.

On a monthly basis, I will prepare spending and investment reports. These reports are customized and can include summary or detailed information.  On a quarterly basis, we will meet to review your file in detail, go over reports, address any questions and review any upcoming cash or investment moves.  On an annual basis, I will gather, cross-reference and reconcile yearend tax forms such as W-2s, 1099s and K-1’s.  I will organize these by legal entity and prepare lead sheets and work sheets as appropriate for organized presentation to the tax accountant.

From time to time we will engage in “special-projects” into other areas of your financial life.  Working with your existing trusted advisors, we will “deep-dive” into areas such as insurance, legal, will and estate, medical bill, vendor selection, debt refinance, and budgeting. By addressing and understanding these complex issues, greater financial freedom and independence can be enjoyed.

In short, “Financial peace of mind.”

Personal Accounting Program

This program provides the following benefits:

  • Assure regulatory compliance for:
    • GRAT’s
    • Trusts
    • LLC’s
    • Limited family partnerships
    • Other tax entities
  • Monitor asset allocation and strategies in real time
  • Track investment gains and losses
  • Track expenses, spending and cash flow
  • Keep finances organized

The personal Controller for Hire Program provides customized turnkey solutions from the basic to complex.  Optional services include:

  • Advocating in all financial affairs
  • Personal bookkeeping
  • Organization of financial information
  • Collaboration & coordination with
    • Attorneys
    • Bankers
    • CPAs
    • Investment professionals
    • Property managers
    • House managers
    • Tenants
    • Personal Assistants

How the Controller for Hire Program works:

  1. Set-up: We’ll work with you to create a detailed and accurate personal balance sheet in Quicken.  You submit your financial statements (bank, credit card, investment, etc.) and list of assets (property, cars, artwork, limited partnerships, gold, etc).

  2. Connect: We connect to your banks, credit cards and investment institutions for real-time updates. Our services can be customized to include bill pay, property management, and cash flow management.

  3. Upload: We upload your Quicken file to a secure dedicated server where you can access your information anytime, 24/7, and which also provides secure backup protection against data loss.

  4. Update: We update your finances automatically.  When we have questions, we’ll email you to ensure the proper coding of expenses and money transfers.

  5. Report: We prepare report templates that track exactly how you're spending your money as well as all your financial balances.  You can access these at anytime.

Controller for Hire clients enjoy:

  • Customized monthly performance and spending reports,
  • Legal & account structure flowcharting,
  • Year-end tax record gathering and presentation.
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Quicken Services

Quicken Services

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Quicken ServicesYou’ve worked hard for your money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to track and monitor your assets and liabilities. OUR service is YOUR peace of mind
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QuickBooks Services

QuickBooks Services

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QuickBooks Services“Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding but also stressful experience. Most entrepreneurs cite cash flow and unclear finances as major sources of aggravation, loss of time, and distractions from core competencies.“
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Success Stories
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"Finally, I feel comfortable with my finances. Stephen Smith has lifted a great weight from my shoulders. For years I did not have an accurate account or control of my finances across multiple accounts. Now I sleep better and feel comforted knowing where my retirement money is invested and how it’s doing.”
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Why Sundial?
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Sundials have been used for millennia to track time.  Seemingly simple devices, in reality, sundials draw upon the complexities of nature and our universe to quantify time. 
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