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Success Stories

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The success of your business is our objective, and we are proud of our track record.

Since 2005, Controllership Solutions LLC has helped over 100 businesses and high net worth individuals--from a myriad of industries and from start-ups to million dollar investment portfolios--get organized, simplified, and stay reconciled.

Please click on the links to visit a sample of Controllership Solutions LLC client websites.

Case Study:
  For more in depth client experiences please see our case studies that demonstrate Controllership Solutions LLC broad scope of services and the power of QuickBooks. Can QuickBooks run a billion dollar company?
The Tree House Child Caring Center - www.treehousechildcare.org 
Industry specific software add-ons can be great for some businesses. Unfortunately, however, many small developers fail or don’t keep up with technology. Meanwhile, QuickBooks has progressed over the years. When the management of The Tree House were ready to leave their antiquated vertical solution they suspected QuickBooks standing alone would be able to meet their needs. They also wanted to email Invoices and offer bill-pay functionality. But they were unclear on the details of how to properly execute the cut-off and switch over systems. Enter Stephen Smith CPA of Controllership Solutions LLC who helped them accurately transition the required records from their old systems and manual spreadsheets into QuickBooks. In one day, Smith worked with Treehouse to understand their processes, current framework, needs and wish list. He then customized QuickBooks, brought over relevant data and demonstrated the go-forward procedures on how to maintain the system. By the end of the day the books were clean, the transition was complete, and Treehouse staff was comfortable in operating on a go-forward basis. Additionally, Smith was able to provide management with additional context and clarity on reading their financial statements.
“Almost a year passed between our initial discussion with Stephen and our decision to engage his services. We made several attempts to go the “do-it-yourself” route and even bought “QuickBooks for Dummies”. However, Stephen’s services were well worth the investment. His services and solutions exceed expectations. He knows his stuff and was a pleasure to work with.”
Q.Bel - www.QbelFoods.com 
If you have to manage inventory, what could be better than chocolate!  Q.Bel makes delicious, all natural, chocolate wafer bars and rolls. (Look for them in Whole Foods).  From the beginning, good books were important to the business-savvy owner who asked his accounting firm for a referral:  Stephen’s services were recommended. A year later, more products were created and distribution grew.  Stephen implemented Fishbowl, a more robust inventory tracking QuickBooks add-on program.   Stephen returns on a monthly basis to reconcile Fishbowl and QuickBooks, produce custom reports and troubleshoot problematic transactions.
“Stephen’s service is that of a dedicated employee. He goes the extra mile, is timely and responsive to issues that arise, has a genuine interest in the success of the business, and delivers quality work. We wouldn’t be where we are without Stephen’s direct involvement and support.”
Studio 1200 - www.Studio1200.com
Architects and Accountants share a common bond… they need to be exact.  But architects don’t need to become accountants to have exact records.  This client does an excellent job of daily postings, invoicing, and billing. Yet every few months a few questions and problematic transactions need resolving.  They bring in Controllership Solutions LLC to answer questions, book tricky transactions and do a thorough Balance Sheet and Income Statement Review with the principal.  This gives them the understanding they need to run the business, and the comfort that their books are exact….to the penny!
“Stephen’s style and service are exactly what we need.  He’s there when we need him, is available for quick email questions and we can relax knowing that our finances are in order.”
PeachCraft Studios of Acting, Voice & Filmmaking - www.Peachcraft.net
 Doing what you love is one of the most important ingredients for success. And Kate Kennedy, the Founder and Artistic Director of PeachCraft Studios in Summit, NJ, loves what she does! But owning and operating a successful business demands owners do more than just what they love. Enter Controllership Solutions LLC and their belief of "Do what you do best and outsource the rest." Controllership Solutions LLC was recruited to train PeachCraft staff to be fully equipped in QuickBooks procedures in order to handle the rapid pace of growth in the company.
“Stephen has given me a sense of confidence, comfort and ease with my bookkeeping. This allows me to focus on what I love about my business.”  
WB Builders LLC - www.bv1921.com
 Estimating and budgeting is both art and science. For instance, when building a house, budgeting can be particularly complex. Berger Ventures LLC is a bi-coastal family partnership with one brother-in-law acting as general contractor, and the other handling finances and books. Berger Ventures hired Controllership Solutions LLC to help streamline estimating and job-costing processes away from their manual- intensive excel entries. Controllership provided training, tips, and tricks so this family partnership can review in real time what they did right, or wrong, allowing them to improve at the process as they scale to build more and more homes.
Aqua Tech USA - www.Aquatech-usa.com
Started in 1988, Aqua Tech USA had diligently kept their books manually via one-write checks and ledger books.  But when their expanding business demanded a more efficient system, they decided to use QuickBooks©.  They contracted with Controllership Solutions LLC founder Stephen M. Smith, CPA, for training on every aspect from payroll and inventory to sales orders and payables.  Aqua Tech continues a consulting relationship with Controllership Solutions LLC to assist with troubleshooting and problematic transactions.
Capitol Reprographics - http://www.caprepro.com
Growing a business is time consuming.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, they brought in Stephen M. Smith as a QuickBooks© ProAdvisor to assist in converting from MYOB© to QuickBooks© and bring them up to speed on the differences in the programs.  They still consult with Controllership Solutions LLC to reconcile, file sales tax, and fine-tune the program to fit their customized needs including monthly statements, price levels, and non-taxable customers as their business continues to grow.
“Thanks for being such a patient teacher. We also appreciate your answering our quick questions via email and phone.”
Turner-Busch, Inc
This established commercial construction company relies on detailed job costing information.  After years of using Great Plains (a larger software package) they felt that QuickBooks© would provide adequate power to give them the data they needed and would be more stable and require less maintenance.  Stephen Smith set up the program and customized it to fit their needs.  QuickBooks© continues to save them time, money, and enables them to run their projects in real time.
Tiger Sampling Group- www.tigersamplegroup.com
Although experienced QuickBooks© users, these entrepreneurs knew QuickBooks© was more powerful and could offer them more. They brought in Stephen Smith to consult on a higher level.  He answered questions about classes, job costing, pass-through billing, and item profitability.  He mapped out the program to their specification, and established the new procedures for them.
Kortelco - www.Kortelco.com
Stephen Smith was referred to this entrepreneur owner/operator to help organize the accounting.  This start-up commercial telephone distributor needed to make their books work for them.  Kortelco now enjoys customized invoices with a special field for its serial number, accurate bank balances, customized reports, and organized files.  They also initiated sending email invoices and customer quotes directly from QuickBooks©.
“Stephen helped us get things organized at the very beginning.  He takes a real interest in seeing my business succeed, and I appreciate his business feedback and suggestions along the way.”
Star Bright Services - www.starbrightservices.com
After years of using QuickBooks© as a checkbook register — which never reconciled — enough was enough.  Star Bright, a cleaning service with multiple government contracts, contacted Stephen Smith to reorganize their procedures to provide a reconciled bank balance, as well as customized financial statements.
Durata Therapeutics - www.DurataTherapeutics.com
Durata Therapeutics, established in 2009, is a clinical development stage biopharmaceutical company addressing the growing need for new therapeutics to treat infectious diseases. As a private equity backed start up, a detailed budget and equally detailed chart of accounts were needed for accurate financials to the investors and the board of directors. Controllership Solutions worked with Durata to develop customized reports, review the budget functionality in QB and develop a customized chart of account unique to Durata’s needs and industry complete with a meaningful numbering convention.

“Stephen’s strong knowledge of QuickBooks was a huge time saver for us. He was easy to work with and quickly grasped what we needed to do. I highly recommend Stephen as a true QuickBooks expert.”

A-Tech Pools & Spa
A-Tech’s business was born when the owner’s scuba diving hobby helped a friend plug a leak in a pool.  Since then, word of mouth and strong market demand has driven growth from side jobs to a small business.  Smith helped configure Quicken Home & Business to track the profitability and sales tax liabilities of the business.  He also helped reconcile personal finances and returns semi-annually to ensure things are accurate and reconciled prior to submitting records to the tax accountant.
“Thank you Stephen, you’re a patient teacher and your service alleviates concerns from an area of business I am glad to outsource.”
Mid Sized Manufacturing Company Client
Controllership Solutions LLC provides year-round services to this mid-sized business that sells to 50 states and Fortune 10 companies.  When their seasonal business picks up, so does the amount of service.  Thus, they maintain a consistent presence in the accounting department and receive extra support as their business cycles.  Frequently, the business needs to go beyond QuickBooks, so Smith provides other traditional Controller services including collecting aged receivables, projecting cash flow, and working with outside accountants.
“Stephen is a valued member of our team. His work is of high quality, he does an excellent job collecting aged receivables and has the valued quality of seeing what needs to be done and doing it.”
.com E-business Client
Explosive triple-digit-growth is what every business strives for.  But too much business, too soon--and without proper controls or infrastructure--can eliminate profits as fast as they are earned.  Stephen Smith’s controllership services allowed this growing organization the flexibility of having a CPA Controller Consultant without the overhead associated with a full-time employee.  By outsourcing the bank reconciliations, receivable collections, and troubleshooting of problematic e-commerce orders, management can continue to do what it does best: innovate and sell great products.
“Thanks Stephen. Your professionalism, enthusiasm for our business, and relentless pursuit of reconciliation perfection are appreciated.”
Excellent References available upon request.

Quicken Services

Quicken Services

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Quicken ServicesYou’ve worked hard for your money, but with the accumulation of wealth comes a greater need to track and monitor your assets and liabilities. OUR service is YOUR peace of mind
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QuickBooks Services

QuickBooks Services

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QuickBooks Services“Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding but also stressful experience. Most entrepreneurs cite cash flow and unclear finances as major sources of aggravation, loss of time, and distractions from core competencies.“
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Success Stories
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"Finally, I feel comfortable with my finances. Stephen Smith has lifted a great weight from my shoulders. For years I did not have an accurate account or control of my finances across multiple accounts. Now I sleep better and feel comforted knowing where my retirement money is invested and how it’s doing.”
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Why Sundial?
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Sundials have been used for millennia to track time.  Seemingly simple devices, in reality, sundials draw upon the complexities of nature and our universe to quantify time. 
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